il team pian della mussa

We are
Pian della Mussa

Un’azienda fatta di persone

A company
made of people

We are much more than just our water. We are people who live in the mountains, love our land, and are lucky enough to have worked in an extraordinary place for almost 50 years.
We do what we know best: we put our experience at the service of people to share our springs’ uncontaminated water.

We love our mountains

We live in a marvellous place. We want to protect it.
For our plant, we have chosen the clean energy of renewable springs.

The heating system is powered by the heat produced by our machineries and the storage areas are wooden-clad to keep the temperature stable and to keep environmental impact to a minimum.

We bottle Pian della Mussa's purest water directly at the spring at 1432 metres.

amore e tecnologia

State-of-the-art systems

Imagine a place where nature, technology and love for one’s profession all come together. The result is a state-of-the-art zero-impact plant where the purest water is bottled directly at the spring surrounded by peaks of over 3,600 metres. Here in Pian della Mussa, excellence is everything.

A regola d’arte
amore e tecnologia

Pian della Mussa

We are a small Italian company which is independent and connected to the land. At our mountain brewery, tradition is synonymous with innovation. It’s here are 1432 metres that the uncontaminated water of Pian della Mussa meets the best raw materials which come from organic agriculture. And it’s thanks to our unique recipes that it is transformed into beer of the highest quality.

A regola d’arte

The heating and cooling of machinery without fossil fuels

energia da fonti rinnovabili


Plant sanitization with essential orange oil and steam

Senza prodotti chimici


Wooden cladding to preserve heat

Efficienza energetica